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- Sisii -



Leaving the new standard



ブランド設立と同時に日本・神戸に出店。 BEAMSのみに卸もスタートする。
2005 繊研大賞受賞をかわきりに国内セレクトショップからの問合せがあり、卸をスタート。 パリ、「ワークショップ」に出展。
2006 ミラノ、「ホワイト」に出展。 ドイツ、「ベルリン・ファッションウィーク」に出展。
2007 フィレンツェ、「ピッティ」に出展。
2008-2010 ニューヨーク、「D&A」に出展。
2011 パリ、「D&A」に出展。ニューヨーク、ラスベガス、パリ、「カプセル」に出展。
2012 ニューヨーク、パリ、「カプセル」に出展。
現在、日本、アメリカ、カナダ、ヨーロッパ、アジア 他で販売

- sisii -

Leaving the new standard

Sisii is in the daily life timelessly.
Sophisticated design with finest material, Sisii has universality.
Special tanned leather by artisans at own factory in Japan
Its wearing can be comfortable and elegant.
It's something easy to take it for a trip.
Sisii exists as a necessary thing.


2001 Company Founded and the first store opened in Kobe, Japan.
Started a wholesale to BEAMS.
2005 Awarded the grand prize by Senken.
Started wholesaling to retailers in Japan.
Exhibited at “Workshop Paris”.
2006 Exhibited at “White” in Milano.
Exhibited at “Berlin Fashion Week” in Germany.
2007 Exhibited at “Pitti” in Firenze, Italy.
2008-2010 Exhibited at “D&A” in New York.
2011 Exhibited at “D&A” in Paris, “Capsule” in New York, Las Vegas and Paris.
2012 Exhibited at “Capsule” in New York and Paris.
We currently wholesale to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Japanese markets and have a retail presence across the world.

Impossible Possibility
Impossible Possibility は新しいものを生み出す。ファッションは一つの手段に過ぎず、実現させるのはMOVEMENTである。
Impossible Possibility は形を留めない。多角的な視点により、一点は無限の広がりを成す。人間の可能性を爆発させるエネルギーとなる。


We can express ourselves through fashion.
However, our society tends to be uniform and freedom has become a fantasy.
Impossible Possibility is a line of fashion for men and women inspired by movement.
Fashion is just the method.
Impossible Possibility does not stay in one form.
It spreads infinitely and becomes an energy that explodes with human possibility.

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